Horse Vision ® Wireless Camera Systems

Welcome to the Horse Vision ® Store

We commercialize Wireless Camera Systems for the Horses Monitoring during the transport. Each kit is made up of one wide view angle camera and one LCD monitor. The camera is to place in the horse trailer and the LCD monitor next to the driver.

As this is Wireless Systems, that means there is no cable between the camera and the LCD monitor, the installation is very easy. You just need to connect the camera to the power supply of the horse trailer and the LCD monitor to the cigar lighter plug.


Our objective is to provide Innovative, Easy to install and Easy to use Products.


Some of our professional Clients :

Atlantic Endurance, Haras de Vendée , Ecurie Narolles, Ecurie de la Cantera, Hap Ô Tempo, Ranch de l'El Dorado, Ecuries de Piquet, Natural Team (Belgique), LC Quarter Horses, Manège des Foins (Belgique), Michelle Royère, Ferme Le Porche, Haras de Fontanelles, Poney Club de Montech, Ecurie de Scarguel, Cathy Bouthemy, Ecurie d'Olivier Bauer, Maréchalerie Bonnet, Histo Team Endurance, ......